Our mission

We believe in a near future where the transportation of people and goods is fast, reliable, environmentally friendly and safe. 

Our mission is to enable the evolution of the transportation sector through the development of key technologies that blend together mechanical, electric and control engineering

Ales Tech’s activity focuses on a specific element that is transversally characteristic of many means of transportation: the interface between the vehicle and the track.
This interface, traditionally made of wheels and suspensions, connects any moving object (wagon/car/cart) to the ground.

It is the most critical component for the safety and the comfort of any transportation system, the element that determines and limits the stability, the speed and the control of any moving vehicles, and at the same time causes the obsolescence of many components and of the surface upon which the vehicles move. 
Ales Tech’s work is being focused on bringing innovation in this specific domain, allowing means of transportation of today and tomorrow to be faster, safer, more comfortable and more sustainable from both the economic and the environmental sides. 

Discover our technologies: ALES and IronLev