Ales Tech and Bitubo towards the future of transportation

In order to build the best possible suspensions systems, Ales Tech collaborates side by side with selected leading companies, within an Open Innovation framework. We do not see it as a simple sponsorship or partnership scheme, but as a joint investment towards a progressive technological improvement, made possible by Ales Tech's effort in combining and pushing suspensions technologies to new frontiers, domains and limits. 

We are extremely happy to have Bitubo among our key technological partners. Founded in 1963, Bitubo manufactures innovative damping systems for multiple markets. Today their product range includes more than 1400 models, spanning from superbikes (two times Supersport World Champion), BSB, CIV, CEV, IDM and many other national championships around the world to custom motorcycles and scooters.

Although automotive is its core business, Bitubo offers his know-how and structure also to design suspensions for further applications, such as artificial limbs, seismic dampers, oceanic platforms, naval engines and nautical seats. Bitubo presented in 2012 the first ever semiactive electroleological system for suspension (ER) and its first system of adaptive suspension (DS).