IronLev - successful first full scale test

On February 7th, the first full-scale prototype of IronLev has been presented in Spresiano, Treviso (near Venice, in Italy’s northeastern region). 

During this special presentation for the press, it was possible to touch firsthand the future of rail transportation: a wagon loaded with a 2 ton-car was moved with a simple light hand pressure, using the same force needed to lift a small backpack.

“Magnetic levitation is a technology that has been studied for over 50 years” – states IronLev’s President and co-founder, Adriano Girotto – “and many companies have been unsuccessfully trying to apply it to the public transportation sector, failing due to the enormous setup and maintenance costs of the lines. IronLev solves this key problem, reducing the energy and infrastructural costs and allowing us to reuse and revamp the over 1,5 million kilometers of existing railways, all around the world”.

See the full scale prototype in action